Shark Suggestions

The sea of options is vast and deep!

Let us help you decide where to dine, what to read, what to watch, which app to use and more!

Best Local Flower Shop

Let’s Grow is a Florist with a twist, with a primary focus on fresh Flowers and Plants. They create and sell unique custom flower bouquets and arrangements for each and every occasion.  They also offer Flower and Foliage stems a la carte in their flower bar, where you may create on your own or with their guidance.

Best Eco Shopping

Refill Goodness’s goal is to make sustainability simple by offering low-waste alternatives for all your household needs.  They want to eliminate the dependence on plastic packaging by giving people the choice on how they source everyday essentials.  They provide bulk refills and minimally packaged products.

Best Upscale Resale Boutique

A local non-profit, Partner’s in Care is dedicated to helping older adults live and thrive independently.  Their Boutique sells gently used merchandise such as housewares, men’s and women’s clothing & shoes, art, fine and costume jewelry, and much more. 

Best Grub

Founders Tavern & Grille prides itself on the quality and freshness of every ingredient.  The best and freshest food is what’s grown closest to you.  That is why they strive to connect with local, quality-driven family farms and other sources of sustainably grown food.

Best Coffee Shop

With exemplary customer service, the Second Alarm Brewhouse Coffee Shop is s a local non-profit that focuses 100% of its proceeds and efforts on the awareness and celebration of our local Volunteer fire service.  They offer a vast selection of quality, locally roasted coffee and unique teas.

Best Book Store

Park Books & LitCoLab is a local independent bookstore that seeks to  inspire readers, provide a quality selection of new books, and give back to the community by providing books and literacy specialists to those with limited access.

Movies & Videos

A Plastic Ocean   Find it HERE

Welcome to Earth (Disney+)

A Life on Our Planet (Netflix)

Adult Shark Books

The Nature of Nature   Find it HERE

Going Zero Waste  Find it HERE

How to Give Sh*t   Find it HERE

Ecological Intelligence  Find it HERE

The Pet Poo Pocket Guide   Find it HERE

Ocean: A Global Odyssey.  Find it HERE

Little Shark Books

All the Way to the Ocean  Find it HERE

Why Should I Protect Nature  Find it HERE

ABC Earth Friendly Me: From Action to Zero Waste (3-6 yrs)  Find it HERE

Baby Loves Earth: An ABC of Out Planet (baby-3 yrs) Find it HERE

Your local library also has a great selection of books.